Sep 22, 2020

3 Reasons of Plumbing Stench and Tips to Eliminate It

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Stinky plumbing is a problem that nobody wants in their home or office building. Here, we are not talking about that foul smell that is caused by improper flushing in toilets or pipe leakages but about that unpleasant plumbing smell that feels extremely bad and continuously builds up over time. It may develop due to several kinds of reasons; some are more obvious than others. However, no matter the reason, you shouldn’t have to suffer through this reeky plumbing smell.  

To get rid of this smell, you can hire plumbing services for an effective and long-term solution. Though some problems need professional assistance, a few problems can also be solved without professionals.

Here are the most common reasons and tips to eliminate the cause of stink. 

1. Breach or leakage in sewer line

While there are long list of things that can damage a sewer line, damages are mostly found in old sewer lines. In old sewer plumbing, clogs can develop over time that can force the pipeline to burst. Tree roots can also grow into the pipeline. Besides, the sewer line may stink itself based on the condition of soil and splits. Since a broken sewer line means sewage is leaking somewhere, it can be the cause of that stinking smell coming out of drains and outside the house. 

If you suspect that there is a breach in your sewer line or leaking sewer line, first check out for clogging toilets, unusual noise, and breeding pests and insects. Sadly, there is no appropriate DIY solution for this problem. Whenever you find that your drains smell badly and the smell is not going away with regular cleaning, you need to seek plumbing services as early as possible to repair or replace the damaged sewer line. 

2. Garbage disposal

It’s a place where you throw all kinds of stuff. When you start ignoring its cleaning or maintenance, debris may start accumulating on the inside surface of garbage disposal, especially the food waste. As a result, your garbage disposal turns out to be a source of unpleasant stench. 

A lot of ways are there for cleaning of garbage disposal. But, before you start its cleaning, ensure to unplug it first. You can use dish soap, water, and a sponge to clean the garbage disposal. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar and baking soda for its cleaning. To release a pleasant scent, try throwing some citrus peels and running the disposal. 

3. Formation of biofilm

Sometimes, biofilm forms inside shower drain after a long time. The waste from shower products, such as shampoo, oils, soapy water, and creams start accumulating and turn into biofilm. When it happens, natural bacteria start developing and feed on it. This time what you smell is the bacteria. 

To get rid of this foul stench, you can use a natural cleaner. For instance, you can pour five to ten quarts of hot water (not boiling) and then a cup of vinegar and half cup of baking soda. Wait for around two hours and clean it again with hot water. 

The good thing is that most stinky plumbing problems can be easily fixed at home. For issues that need technical approach, you should always rely on professional plumbing services

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