Jan 11, 2023

A complete guide to a romantic trip in Manali

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A trip with partner is the best thing to make bond stronger. There are some places in Manali for couples for special experience. It is a gorgeous hill station tucked away on the northern end of Kullu Manali. This hill station is a perfect getaway for lovebirds looking to escape the world. There are also many tour and travels that provide comfy deals to visit Manali. You can get Kullu Manali honeymoon package from Nagpur with these travels. These comfy deals comes with a budget price. Moreover, it offers the sights that make the most romantic trip in Manali.

Solang valley, most thrilling place

Solang is the most essential place to visit while heading to Manali for vacation. It is almost 14 kms to the northwest of the main town. This valley is also one of the most famous place in North India. It welcomes a huge number of tourists every year towards it. The Solang valley is popular for thrill sports, Parachuting and Paragliding. Moreover, you can enjoy horse rides and driving mini open jeeps here. You will find this valley covered with snow during winter season. Therefore, it is a perfect place to enjoy Skiing.

Hidimba Devi temple, symbol of love

Hidimba Devi temple is amidst the snow capped mountains of Manali. It is a unique shrine devoted to Goddess Hidimba. You will witness this temple is built on a rock and surrounded by cedar forests. Many local people believes it to be in the image of goddess herself. Moreover, the construction style you will find is very different of this temple. The wooden doorways, walls, and cone shaped roof also has a unique artwork. You will find this place most peaceful and never want to leave this site.

Jogini waterfall, splendid views

Jogini waterfall is in the gorgeous valley of Manali in the North Indian state. It is approx 3 kms away from the bustling town of Manali. Moreover, this place is also just 2 kms away from the vashisht temple. You can Trek ahead from the temple to reach Jogini waterfall. The walk up to the waterfall goes through the pine trees. This waterfall has a height of around 160 feet. You will witness many small stream on your way to this fall while Trekking. It is a treat for couple who love nature and seek thrill.

Manali sanctuary, heaven on earth

A visit to Manali is not complete without spending time in Manali sanctuary. It is a stunning and grand wildlife park in the Himachal Pradesh. This park is also at a walking distance from the main town. Moreover, it is an ideal spot to explore the rich flora and fauna. This park also has some options that will entice the thrill and fun loving soul. You can enjoy fabulous Trekking routes and can do Camping in certain areas. Moreover, the Manali park is a heaven on earth for animal and nature lovers.

Gulaba, natural beauty

Gulaba is a pretty little village around 20 kms from Manali. This village has an enchanting natural landscape that attracts tourist in large number. You can explore the place while Trekking and do Camping to soak in nature. This place also receives heavy snowfall during winter season. It is a place that comes on your way to Bhrigu lake. Therefore, many tourists do Camping here to take rest while heading to Bhrigu lake. The beauty of this place is unique and scenic sights make this place worth visit.


Manali is the most pretty hill station to spend quality time with your partner. You will witness scenic views, cosy living spaces and many thrill sports here. This place has all the things that a couple would seek for their memorable trip. These above voiced are the most romantic places to visit in Manali for couples. You will also get to enjoy many thrill sports at some places here. Moreover, the above places offers their unique beauty of nature to its tourists.

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