Aug 18, 2022

About Tree Marking: Important Things To Know About It!

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You must have come across painted or marked trees at least once while you were driving back home from the countryside or when you were hiking a mountain through a jungle. Well, to most of your surprise, trees are not marked or painted just for aesthetic purposes. Tree painting is known to be a forest management technique that is used in forests all around the world. Tree marking is as simple as its name seems like, trees are marked in a forest stand before it is treated or to have some of the trees cut off.

To be precise, tree marking is usually used in industrial forestry to make sure that forest contractors cut the right trees for harvesting wood so as to maximize the efficacy of silvicultural treatment. This also tends to provide a monitoring opportunity as the system would provide a much easier opportunity for auditing.

Tree marking involves using timber marking paint or using flagging tape to mark the trees in one more two different colors. If the first color used is yellow or orange, it usually denotes that the particular tree is to be cut by the harvesting machine or sawyer that would be working in that area. The second color is usually used to mark the trees that must not be cut and kept safe.

When it comes to the trees that are of a desirable species, and at the same time, healthy, and appear to be strong and good for the future of the stand are also reserved from cutting. However, it is important to know that not every other tree on the stand displaying one of these features should be kept safe from cutting. If some of these features are represented in several surrounding trees, permission to cut down some of them can be given, with the exception of the trees that have nests on them. So, you must also remember the fact that tree marking that is done with the help of timber marking paint tends to be advantageous to the entire stand, if it is done accordingly that is. Also, if you leave too many trees behind, it is not likely to provide you with the results that you desired.

Tree marking is complimentary to management on woodlots in order to enhance the health of the woodlot and retain its aesthetic values. Hence, whether it is a forestry professional or you yourself, tree marking can also be applied to your woodlot and benefit it. Not only it is considered to be good for the forest, but you can also use it as an excuse to go outside and explore the woods.

However, it is important that you find a reliable and highly reputed timber marking paint supplier in order to effectively mark the trees in the wild.

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