Dec 5, 2022

Bad relationships Health risks and issues

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A bad relationship may influence a person to take up some activities and get into a certain lifestyle and behavioral practices that can harm the health

A stressful relationship has many effects on physical and mental health. Emotional distress and recurrent weakness and panic attacks can occur. A person may even succumb to phobias like the fear of facing people or getting into any commitment later. It may also bring in certain issues that need serious consultation and treatment plans.

Many people are not able to cope up with breakups and odds of infidelity and other problems in the relationship. It can affect the psychological health of the individual a lot. The particular cognitive process may become disrupted. Low self-esteem and confidence are one of the first signs of this.

Behavioral ill practices

Blaming oneself for all the negatives, and even giving in to the peer pressure, or that of the whims and fancies of the closest one can lead to mental stress. The victim can even go into depression and take up some faulty practices that will cause a terrible setback to the body. This can even include the habit of consuming illegal medications like sleeping tablets without the consultation of a doctor.

Overdrinking can even affect the body. This may cause dizziness and loss of control of motor abilities and thinking. Severe nervous breakdown and damage to the nervous system can happen. Physical injuries or the habits like cutting and thrashing oneself can also happen. This will make the person feel worthless and even get suicidal thoughts. Ignoring friends and family can be other symptoms.

Overeating or neglecting food altogether, being in darkness, and crying out alone are some of the signs of a bad relationship. Fidgeting with objects and stuttering are the long-term effects. Night terrors, urinating, and passing stool on the bed can signify the advanced level of the negative impact of a ruined relationship.

Working overtime and secluding oneself from others and not feeling energetic is another set of signs of a degrading relationship. Being awake for many hours or trying to sleep a lot by taking sleeping pills may also point to this complication. Dark circles may develop under the eyes of the person and blood pressure can also come into existence.

Therapies and treatment plans to cope up with bad relationships

To treat the resulting stress and depression, a person may have to undertake some therapies and consume medicines. Antidepressants and other medicines that takedown stress can help the individual in fighting off the ills of a bad relationship. Some physical exercises and meditation or aerobic activity will calm the mind.

Group interaction and interpersonal therapy will make the person regain the lost confidence and relieve the emotional baggage. Guidelines for effective action or hobby development will divert the attention of the person towards fruitful life. If know any such person, give them emotional support. Being responsive to their reactions and talks will help them recover faster from the shock of the bad relationship.

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