Jul 18, 2020

Covid19 Effect on Jobs

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Some portion of what we have all realized during this “isolate life” time is that we have come to acknowledge what we had before the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, quite a bit of which we underestimated until March 2020 in our regular day to day existences. One of those “things” is the ease of getting food and beverages in restaurants and take away food stalls. Food industry is one of the worst badly effected industry due to Covid19 pandemic. Millions of people across the globe have lost there jobs. People are jobless due to shutdown of restaurants, hotels, food manufacturing industries, small vendors etc. The most important single word that will define any business to survive after this pandemic is “hygiene”. Even after the lockdown lifts up and life starts to get going at normal pace, there will be nothing like normal in restaurant business. “Neatness will be close to faithfulness” in the post-COVID-19 universe of exchange both at the large scale level and especially at the small scale level.

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