Aug 3, 2022

Do Breast Augmentations Pose Any Risks? an Exclusive Guide

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The procedure of breast augmentation or breast enlargement has been known for decades and has been safely working for almost every woman. While the majority of women after getting the procedure done never experienced any kind of complications or side effects, it does not mean that the procedure is 100% free from risks and side effects. Like every other surgical procedure, breast augmentation also poses chances of risk, some of which are known while others are speculated. Before deciding to get breast augmentation, you should know all the risks associated with it. And you will learn about them in this exclusive guide.

Is breast augmentation safe?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is the surgery performed to increase the size of breasts using implants. breast augmentation surgery UK has been popular for decades because of the immediate and long-lasting results with less to no side chances of side effects. This procedure involves the placement of implants under the breast tissues. The procedure is highly demanded because it not only allows the women to get the breasts of their dream but also make them feel more confident in their body. Even with the few potential risks, breast augmentation is completely safe and secure.

Those who experience complications after the procedure has to consider a secondary treatment after the end of life of their implants. If you are considering getting this treatment, you should consult with your surgeon to know about all the potential risks according to your medical history and health condition.

What are the potential risks associated with breast augmentation?

While the breast augmentation procedure is entirely safe, it is not free from risks. Here are a few potential risks you should know:

1. Implants complications

Several implant complications can occur in at least 1 per cent of the patients. for the treatment of these complications, the patient may need to go for secondary treatment or additional surgeries. These complications include:

  • Asymmetric breasts
  • Nipple pain
  • Lumps under the skin
  • Chest wall deformity
  • Delayed healing
  • Injury or damage to the implant
  • Rapture in implant
  • Wrinkled implant
  • Visibility of implant through the skin

2. Capsular contracture

This condition is the hardening of the breast around the implant. It causes the tightening of tissues which can be painful. This condition may lead to infection, hematoma or seroma. There are four stages of this condition, and the additional surgery depends on the grade of capsular contracture. Grade 3 and 4 may require another surgery and involves the removal of the implant with or without the replacement.

3. Implant rupture

The rupture in the implant is the occurrence of a hole in the outer shell of the implant. Some of the causes of rupture include:

  • Damage due to instrument used during surgery
  • Capsular contracture
  • Normal ageing of implant
  • Overfilling of underfilling of implant
  • Placement of implant through the non-approved site
  • Physical trauma or physical pressure
  • Fluid drainage or biopsies

4. BII

Breast Implant Illness BII is the condition caused due to implants. The symptoms of such condition include memory loss, fatigue, rash or joint pain. The causes of such a condition are not known yet, but the removal of implants without replacement is reported to treat it.

5. Loss of milk production

In the majority of cases, the women who undergo breast augmentation can successfully breastfeed their children, while some cannot. The women who have undergone mastectomies before the breast implant reconstruction may not be able to breastfeed because of the loss of the glands and tissues that produce milk during pregnancy.

6. Risky for children

A few concerns have been raised regarding the potential side effects of mothers with implants on their children. The risk of birth defects is almost none, but the health risks due to the passing of a small amount of silicon into breast milk during breastfeeding are present. One study has also reported low birth weight due to implants.


Like any other surgical procedure, breast augmentation also possesses risks, but these are rare. However, it is important to educate yourself and know about all the potential risks before considering this treatment. Talk to your surgeon and know about your body. It will help you determine whether the surgery is safe for you or not.

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