Sep 19, 2022

E-commerce Beauty and Wellness Trends in 2022

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Beauty and wellness brands are key players in the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer markets. With so countless people stuck at home over the last year and a half, self-care is at an all-time high… carries with it a great chance to develop practically any type of wellness brand.

Here are some of the biggest beauty and wellness trends to look for as we enter the next quarter:


1. Inclusivity is key.


Representation matters more than any time in recent memory-a sentiment that has trickled down to consumer beauty trends. Whether it’s a wider selection of foundation shades, gender-neutral skincare bundles, or false lashes designed for more than one eye shape, there are a tonne of ways direct-to-consumer beauty brands can cater to a more diverse range of customers.


2. Wellness Can Be Virtual.


Assuming the most recent couple of years have shown us anything, it’s that wellness can take place at home. Consumers are as yet deciding to remain at home—they’re excited to have increased accessibility and flexibility when it comes to their wellness customs. In this way, it’s vital that e-commerce health and wellness brands have virtual offerings and constantly increase and improve these offerings.


3. Make It Personal.


There’s significant appeal among consumers of all ages for a personalised retail experience. Beauty, health, and wellness brands can get in on this trend by creating a personalised shopping experience that results in custom item recommendations, whether for everyday nutrients or skincare arrangements. You can know tips regarding beauty and fashions at Even if you have a passion for beauty and can translate your passions into a well-written, cohesive piece with a unique glow, we would love to hear from you on category write for us beauty and fashion.


4. Membership Services Are Here to Remain


Along these lines of personalization and at-home convenience, beauty membership services will keep developing. As consumers continue to prioritise convenience and crave personalization, D2C brands that offer curated membership boxes have a unique place in the market. Furthermore, membership services, for all intents and purposes, guarantee a high customer return rate.

In the event that you are a beauty brand or a wellness organisation hoping to hire a team of category development experts to help you as you scale, we couldn’t want anything more than to speak with you.

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