Jun 30, 2021

From Pleats to Torn jeans, Fashion Has Transmogrified Itself!

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Isn’t it amazing to screen how the different events in history have influenced and changed the way people have dressed throughout the time?

Fashion is a never-ending cycle of change. From mini to maxi skirts, pleats to pencil, bell-bottoms to jeans, jumpers blouses to deep-neck blouses, checkers to floral prints, zubaz to ripped jeans the only thing we know is fashion has evolved its self vigorously. Whether we like it or not, fashion always recycles, over the course of approx 100 years fashion has kept its past trend very much alive. 

It is a cliché of the records of dress that decade-defining looks normally don’t coagulate until quite late within the period they subsequently come to represent. The Crayola colorations of the 1960s, the strong shoulders of the ’80s, the minimalism of the ’90s — all reached essential mass nicely into the midpoint of these areas when anything has been bubbling up in wardrobes and on sidewalks found its expression within the wider world. 

After World War I, was over, people were economically growing soundly, they had jobs, money. Overall 1920s were an exciting time for the people of the United States as well as across the globe. In 1919, people got their right to cast the vote for the very first time. Women’s rights were changing; this was shown in the men and women’s clothes that they were wearing. From flapper style to the fringes to bright makeup, fashion was robustly evolving itself. 

Back to the ’50s: Happiness could be seen on the faces of people as it was in the 1920s. World War II was over, as an outcome, fashion has emerged in a completely different manner, and now women’s were wearing dresses that focus on showing their figures more moreover, from the short bobs to curly hairstyles were also transformed. 

The 1960s, the Swinging Sixties: 1960s also known as swinging sixties were marked by protest movements; people were learning and standing up for their cause. In that scenario, Jackie Kennedy was the Fashionista for her unorthodox look. The amorous fifties were almost disappeared; people took the streets within A-line and mini’s.

The 1970s, A decade full of Changes:  Oh Jesus! Fur coats, bell bottoms, checkers, and Florals; fashion progressively changed; clothing during this time was more colorful than ever. Women were receiving more freedom and liberties, not only this, Presidents were even falling victim to scandals. Fashion was inspired by musicians and Hollywood films, people were more inclined towards the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead which lead fashion stuck in the hippie movement.

The 1980s, An Era of Fashion Sins: The begging of this decade marked the clothing of the late 70s, and by the end, the heavy metals were in trend. As style becomes slightly bland, flat skirts, puffed sleeves, fine crochets jackets bequeath way into carrot pants, shoulder pads, blazers, and dress shirts, oversized tops were popular in the 80s and 90s as well. This was the time where the most diverse musical style was celebrated, ‘Madonna’ with her song ‘Material Girl’ was the soundtrack of the 80s. 

The 1990s, The Wall Was Gone: With Kurt Cobain, the grunge style with ripped jeans and beautiful colored hair can’t be overlooked. The world was evolving, the wall was gone, the world was acknowledging it, and the mixes of styles were influenced by the Americans and music sensations. There was not any particular look in the 90s, but there was a lot to see from oversized sweaters to flashy leggings to jewelry, the only motto was to achieve a shimmery look than ever.

Present World: Life and fashion have become more fast-moving in constant motion; there is no wonder that some of the fashion styles like to repeat themselves again and again. People’s fashion has always reflected the social situations, while in the decade between the golden twenties to eighties the men and women’s fashion of styling clothes was clearer than the 90s. 

Architects continue to market the momentousness they know people put on fashion, and people continue to hang on to designers’ every move in the fashion world, therefore as long as this carries on fashion will continue to maintain its dominant position in society for a very long time to come. It determines not only what we endure, but everything we do, say, and even think. This is why fashion does indeed rule the world.

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