Jan 4, 2023

How 360 Degree Live Video Stream is Enhancing Virtual Reality at Events?

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360-degree video (also known as immersive video or spherical video) is a video in which all views are captured simultaneously using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. 360-degree videos provide an immersive experience, as you can view them from different perspectives. A 360-degree video of a coast roller, for example, will give the viewer the impression that he is in the seat experiencing the exciting competition. Don’t you think it would be great if you could try it out? Virtual reality videos must have been familiar to many of you. Here are a few things you need to know about 360 degree live streaming.

What is 360° Live Video?

 You may have seen 360° videos on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Live videos are produced by specialized cameras. It renders a 360° view of the action, creating a much more immersive experience.

Regardless of whether you are using a computer or a mobile device, you will be able to view it. By moving your mobile around or swiping in all directions, you can take a look around yourself.

VR vs 360° Live Video

 The most fundamental difference between 360° video and traditional video is that 360° video does not allow for interaction. A stream of content is presented to you as if you were watching television. When you use goggles to view the feed, the experience becomes more immersive.

Virtual reality allows you to interact with virtual environments. Take a look around, move around, and sometimes even touch things.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is another fundamental difference between VR and 360° viewing devices. Virtual reality requires a very powerful computing system. Using 360° live video, you do not need any additional equipment, your current smartphone or computer will suffice, and it takes place on all the major social networks.

Virtual Reality 360 Degree Live Video Streaming

Having the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees live in a virtual environment is an important answer that VR provides to the eternal question, If I am unable to attend in person, how will I be able to participate? We have been experiencing poor feeds and poor cameras for years now, resulting in somewhat flat viewing experiences. Most of the major streaming services on social networks now support live 360-degree video. A live event can be experienced most conveniently and practically through this method.

Using inexpensive goggles, we can experience a deep level of immersion in the presentation or performance. It is, however, lacking in the interaction component. Event evaluation is based on interaction, especially when education and networking are the primary objectives. If the interaction is removed from the equation, significant results will not be achieved.


A 360° live feed view can be used to power mixed reality experiences. The possibilities are endless if you love production and are creative.

Websites and apps that provide live streaming can benefit a lot from VR technology.

Streaming live content is a rapidly growing market, and it is easy to understand why. By using 360-degree videos, you can transport someone into the middle of a movie or concert where they can feel as if they are there. Video is a unique immersive experience, and it is no wonder that people are flocking to it in droves.

Businesses will begin to realize the benefits of using VR technology in their websites and apps as more businesses adopt VR technology. User engagement is the most important advantage – if the user feels involved in the content, he or she is much more likely to watch it.

What are you doing to promote your products and services using this innovative method?

You can benefit from live-streaming video in the following five ways:

  1. Mobility

Smartphones and tablets can be used to use live streaming applications such as VUZ and Facebook Live. Users of these apps can broadcast “on the go.” They can also stream video and audio to viewers participating in the broadcast.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Traditional marketing is not without its costs. Smart organizations are investing their time and resources in live-streaming apps because of the associated savings. Live-streaming videos can reduce marketing expenses for companies. It is now possible for small businesses with limited budgets to advertise their products and services to a large audience without incurring large marketing expenses.

  1. high Streaming standards


Many organizations have previously been discouraged from using live-streaming platforms due to their poor video quality. Since the advent of mobile telecommunications, however, live-streaming technology has improved and, in many cases, been perfected. It is now possible for content creators to capture high-quality video. Additionally, social media platforms, including Twitter, have increased the security, speed, and functionality of mobile video live-streaming sessions. Since the advent of live-streaming videos, many companies have had to rethink their marketing strategies and incorporate them into their advertising campaigns. Some of the most recognized brands in the world use live streaming to reach audiences around the globe.

  1. Customers are increasingly engaging in video content

With the advent of the internet, increased access to information has been made possible. A greater variety of options is also available to them. Consumers place a high value on the quality of their customer experience, and they prefer to interact directly with the companies from which they purchase their goods and services. It is becoming increasingly common for customers to engage with companies via video to voice their concerns and share their ideas. A business that desires to remain competitive needs to adapt to this changing environment. Mobile video live-streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular among companies as a means of connecting with their customers and gathering valuable feedback.

  1. Creation of content on a democratic basis

Real-world settings are replacing broadcast facilities in the production of the video. It is now possible for even employees to contribute to live-streaming video productions and to have their input on creative ideas. This makes it possible for organizations to develop new content with the input of many stakeholders, and the democratization of the process results in a sense of ownership among stakeholders.


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