Sep 7, 2020

How to Get the Perfect Fit when Buying Clothes from an Online Shop?

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Online shopping is an addiction as you can never deny the amazing deals (generally more than the offline stores) from the comfort of the house. Without taking out extra time from your busy schedule and getting stuck in the traffic, you get everything delivered at your doorstep. It’s so cool and interesting.

But, several shoppers do not adore online shopping, especially if it’s for clothes and shoes. They get multiple choices to choose from, but still hate shopping online because they do not get a perfect fit for the item. And, it’s the biggest truth and problem of online shopping.

To lead you in the right direction and help you get the right size every time, we have mentioned a handful of tips in this post.

You should measure yourself

Start with measuring yourself and make a note of it. It’s because a person wears different sizes in different brands. So instead of getting the actual size of the dress you have, you should measure yourself.

The measuring areas of your body include bust, waist, and hips. You should measure around the chest, belly button, hip bones for bust, waist, and hip measurement respectively.

You should read the sizing chart

 With every product, you will find a sizing chart with different measurements and denotations. You can’t try when shopping from an Online Clothes Shop, but you can explore the site to get maximum details.

 Before adding the clothes to the cart, you should read and understand the sizing policies. But do not follow it for every article. One number can have different meanings in different brands.  

You should compare the details with your measurements

After you have understood the sizing policies, you should compare it with your body measurements. The best way is to convert your body measurements in the same figure for easy comparison. If you have the cloth of the same brand, you can take it as a reference.

There are a few sizing terms used when sellers list their products online for both women and men. You should learn about the terms and select the products based on the same.

You should prepare a sizing list

 Whether you are shopping online or offline, you should be very particular with the brands that were the best for you. From material to size, everything should be perfect. We know it’s not easy to memorize, so start making a list for the same.

You should have a file on your laptop or phone with the brand names and sizes mentioned for the same. Next time, when you start shopping online, you can quickly bring up the file and find a suitable size for yourself.

You should place an order for two

Every online clothes shop has a return and exchange policy for easy shopping. You should check them all before placing the order. In case is not so generous on exchange policy, you should order two of the same garment in different sizes.

We recommend not falling for exchange policy because it’s difficult to get different sizes for the same garment on the next attempt. Simply, purchase two and return the one that does not fits you.

You can save huge bucks when shopping from an Online Clothes Shop, but only if you grab the right size. So, keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind and shop for the perfect fit.  

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