Nov 21, 2022

Industrial dining room: 6 tips from our decorators

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Inspired by the old factories and workshops of New York artists, the codes of industrial decoration are essential in the trends. Do you want to adopt this style in your interior? Discover the 6 tips from our decorators for an industrial dining room.

Industrial dining room: The codes of a raw style

Inspired by the industrial revolution, the industrial decorative style is always very trendy and timeless.

Bricks, concrete, metal… it takes up the raw codes of the New York working class and artist’s studio to invest our interiors by bringing a lot of cachet.

Often adopted in the kitchen or living room, this style adapts just as well to the dining room.

So, seduced? Discover the 6 tips from our decorators to have an industrial dining room at home.

1. Open up space in your industrial dining room

Decompartmentalize as much as possible

The codes of industrial decoration being inspired by the old workshops of artists or New York workers, you need to bring a feeling of volume to your industrial dining room. Open spaces and let in as much light as possible.

To do this, finish doors and walls, decompartmentalize as much as possible. Opt for the opening of your industrial dining room on your kitchen or your living room for example.

In addition, by opening up your room, the light will circulate more and more easily in your dining room, to illuminate the elements and colors which, as is the industrial style, will be rather dark.

Choose the canopy to separate the spaces

The canopy, unbeatable among industrial decor trends in recent years, will also be very popular in an industrial dining room.

Indeed, the canopy is a clever choice if you do not want to open up your spaces, as advised in the previous section.

Among its many benefits, we find the separation of spaces and functions in a very aesthetic way. You can choose it to separate the kitchen from your dining room, for example, a good trick to overcome the problem of odor diffusion.

Very popular, the canopy is available in several materials, colors and designs to adapt to all interiors. But for an industrial dining room, choose the classic workshop-style canopy, which by its structure itself will bring the authentic industrial spirit sought.

2. Pay attention to the choice of furniture

The wood and metal combo for the dining table

The dining table is the main piece of the dining room, it will set the tone for your room and influence the design of the elements that surround it. For a 100% industrial decor, opt for the largest and most massive possible. Of course, make sure that its size matches the size of your room, so that you can comfortably move around it. Go for models now on

Choose a rectangular table instead, which will bring character to your industrial dining room.

Total look steel, wood, or a mix of these two materials… several options are available to you. But the trend this year is for tables with solid wood tops and black steel angles and legs.

An industrial dining room with a mottled buffet

If the size of your dining room allows it, also opt for a large sideboard with multiple drawers or compartments, which you will place against a wall in your room.

For the latter, prefer an old factory sideboard, retyped or found at a flea market, with an aged appearance over time. You can also find such a sideboard on the market, if recovery is not your forte.

Here too, whether it is entirely made of metal, wood or a mixture of the two, everything is possible. Choose the sideboard that will best match the rest of the decor of your industrial dining room.

Finally, decorate the top of your sideboard with decorations. Opt for a nice mirror simply placed or an old vintage clock for example.

And for an even more industrial spirit, choose a sideboard made up of open lockers or closed but transparent cupboards, like a showcase that will reveal pretty typical crockery, for example.

If your sideboard does not have these characteristics, you can install shelves or glass doors, which will have the same effect.

3. Bet on different seats for your industrial dining room

Natural materials for chairs

Have you chosen your industrial dining table? On to the chairs now. For the latter, make sure that they go well with the design of your table.

If the choice of your table has turned to a wooden structure, the total look steel chairs will provide an interesting contrast. With a table with a metal structure, they will also be very suitable, because they will be an encore.

However, you can also choose to break the codes by opting for very different materials. Leather or velvet chairs, for example, will also be welcome, and will warm up the atmosphere of your room.

Opt for the mix and match

Not sure which material, color or seat style to choose for your industrial dining room ? Do not panic.

In the industrial style, we use the mix and match technique. If you can’t decide, you can therefore easily opt for mismatched chairs.

To do this, you can play on the total opposition. Metal, wood… a mixture that works wonderfully. But make sure that the colors harmonize well. To avoid taking too much risk, it is advisable to opt for different models of seats but of the same color.

Opting for mismatched chairs will bring character and originality to your dining area, while breaking the somewhat austere spirit of industrial style.

Add side stools

The side stool in zinc or steel, the ideal accessory in an industrial dining room.

These will be very useful for adding additional seating to accommodate your guests. The rest of the time, they can be transformed into a decorative object, on which you can place a plant, for example, in the corner of a room.

Zinc, a material widely used in the industrial style, is available in several colors. In anthracite gray it will be the most beautiful effect. But you can also choose it in color, to add pep to your industrial dining room.

4. Adopt raw materials for an industrial dining room

waxed concrete

Among the essential materials for an industrial dining room is waxed concrete.

This coating will standardize your floor and will form a very interesting textural contrast with the steel and wood furnishings and decor. You can also use it on the wall with waxed concrete effect paint.

It is the ideal material to bring modernity to your decor and a refined atmosphere to a dining room already full of imposing pieces.

The brick wall

The best way to bring even more authenticity to your industrial dining room is to opt for the typical brick wall in shades of red.

The latter will bring relief to your decor and your room.
Be careful, however, to arrange the bricks only on a single wall or section of wall, to avoid weighing down the space too much. Behind a sideboard, for example, the brick wall will be the most beautiful effect.

5. Light up your room

XXL pendant lights

If you are not lucky enough to have a very bright dining room, opt for good artificial lighting. And for the lighting to be both practical and aesthetic, choose your suspensions carefully.

For an industrial dining room, prefer an imposing suspension in a bowl. If you can, install it above and in the middle of your dining table, setting it so that it is quite low. A black or anthracite gray bowl with an aged golden interior will be the most beautiful effect to overhang your industrial dining table with character and elegance.

If your table is particularly long, opt instead for a long suspension, with several bulbs at different heights, to dress up the room more.

Multiply light sources

Light is essential in an industrial dining room. So don’t be afraid to abuse it, on the contrary.

Accumulate points of light by adding accent lamps to your room. Beyond their lighting function, they will act as very stylish decorative objects.

Next to the sideboard in your dining room, adopt the large domed floor lamps. The thickness and height of the foot of this type of lamp make it easy to place in the corners of your room. However, if the size of your dining room does not allow it, you can also choose a new suspension. A few bare bulbs suspended from authentic cords will be an ideal alternative totally adapted to the industrial atmosphere that you want to give.

6. Bring decorative objects to your industrial dining room

What color for the decor?

The industrial style rhymes with naturalness and authenticity. This style gives priority to the beauty of the materials, which is why here the colors will be rarer. In an industrial dining room, we forget the pastel or too bright colors to make way for raw colors that have character such as black, anthracite gray, rust or brown.

However, with the decor, you can enhance the dark colors by adding a touch of color. But, be sure to act sparingly. For example, choose a lamp, a painting or a yellow fruit basket that will bring cheerfulness and modernity to your room.

Industrial decor must-haves

Aged objects, retyped or not, are the must haves of industrial decoration. So for a successful industrial dining room, do not hesitate to browse and hunt around in flea markets to find little nuggets that will bring character to your room.

Paintings, aged mirrors, figurine, worn metal clock… Decorate your furniture with objects full of memories and charm. Indeed, a little touch of vintage in your industrial dining room will not be too much.

And to go even further, also think of wall decorations of American words such as factory or even loft, to recall this atmosphere of New York workshops.

A touch of vegetation

Although the industrial style is timeless, it evolves over the years.

Vegetation has always been part of industrial decor. Indeed, for a classic industrial dining room, you can install a pretty bouquet of dried flowers arranged in a typical old vase, or an old recycled glass bottle, in the center of your dining table.

And for a slightly more modern industrial dining room, add green plants to your decor. A mix of textures and materials, which will bring a touch of color, calm and freshness to your room.

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