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Inspiration for choosing the right balcony table

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The balcony is the ideal place to have breakfast, to read in peace or to receive friends for a delicious meal. From spring, when the first rays of the sun point the tip of their nose, we have only one desire, to enjoy our outdoor space. So, nothing better than a balcony table to have a good time. It becomes the nerve center around which various daily activities will be organized. The problem is that balcony often rhymes with reduced space. This is why each piece of furniture must be chosen carefully to arrange this exterior. The garden table is no exception to this rule. Functionality, size, material, style… Here we give you some advice and inspiration for choosing the right balcony table.

5 Criteria to take into account

Before buying a balcony table, it is essential to study a few points, to assess your needs and desires. The goal is to create a dining area that is easy to live with, space-saving and beautiful to look at. The 4 criteria below must therefore be questioned to choose the garden table that will best suit your balcony.

Available area

The space you have in your balcony is an important element to take into account when choosing an outdoor table. A large balcony will not necessarily have the same needs as a small exterior. For the latter, we will opt more for the most functional tables, namely folding or folding tables, because they offer a minimum space especially when they are stored. If the outside is narrow, which often happens, you should bet on a narrow balcony table with a shallow depth, but a length that allows you to enjoy a meal for at least two people. In any case, do not hesitate to measure the surface and make a plan to check that the table fits perfectly. The idea is also to always facilitate circulation between the table and the wall or the balustrade, and therefore toprovide sufficient space to move freely. If the table is completed with armchairs, it is preferable to ensure that these seats slide under the top, in particular at the level of the armrests so as not to interfere with the available space.

Number of guests

The number of people you are used to receiving is also not to be neglected. Add this number of guests to the members of your household and you have the cutlery capacity to be preferred. If there are two of you at home and the balcony table is intended for lunches alone, you should opt for a small round or square garden table of 70 x 70 or 80 x 80 cm. Completed with chairs, this type of table will be ideal for arranging a 2-seater garden furniture set on the balcony. The rectangular models are more intended for capacities of 4 place settings and more. For the largest balconies, it is even possible to choose a large table for 8 or even 10 people.

What style ?

The aspect of the furniture is not to be forgotten, because it is what will give character to your outdoor space. On the balcony side, many universes are available to budding decorators to create a cozy and lounge space. For a contemporary spirit, geometric and refined lines are a must, as are sober and plain colors such as black, anthracite or white. For a bistro atmosphere, wrought iron and metal furniture are essential to highlight a trendy exterior. Browse models now at Homary. For a pop atmosphere, the colored aluminum tables invite themselves onto the balcony through pretty green, blue, yellow, rust or yellow hues. Lovers of the authentic spirit appreciate garden furniture in woven resin which bring a natural side. This is also the case of solid wood which warms the outdoor atmosphere.

The use of the table

The use made of the table on a daily basis is also to be taken into account. If it is intended for meals with family or friends, we are moving towards a classic dining table at the right height. On the other hand, for moments of rest (reading, coffee break), it may be wise to benefit from the practicality of a side table or coffee table, which is placed near the armchair, the deckchair or the sofa of garden. The last possibility is to prefer a high table which is ideally accompanied by stools… the best for enjoying summer evenings with loved ones.

The price

The budget for the table will depend on its dimensions and the materials used for its design. Prices start from 50-100 dollars for scale models and easily climb depending on its seating capacity and build quality. The prices are often advantageous because the balcony table is generally smaller than a classic table.

Bet on a functional balcony table

There are different types of tables provided for the balcony that we detail below.

Folding table

Particularly suitable for small balconies and terraces, foldable tables take up little space. The idea is simple: the top and the legs fold up for easy storage. It can only be used when needed and can be stored like child’s play. It is a fairly widespread model that can be found in several shapes: round, rectangular, square, even half-moon.

Hanging table

Practical and elegant, the suspended table also called balcony bar is a very good idea to save space in a small balcony. Its concept is ingenious: it is fixed on the barrier of the balcony thanks to a structure provided for and which must make it possible to benefit from a stable plate which does not move with the slightest gusts of wind. It is an optimal format especially for those who do not need a large surface area. Some are even foldable, i.e. the top can be folded down along the railing to save a little more space.

Extendable table

The extendable table is a very good choice if the space of your balcony allows it. It is also perfect if you are used to receiving guests. It is therefore a 2-in-1 piece of furniture giving space once the extensions are integrated and a clever dining table which unfolds easily to accommodate a large table. The extension system also differs depending on the table model. Thus, you have the choice between a butterfly extension table, a detachable extension table or an automatic extension table. Whatever the mechanism, it will have the ability to extend in a jiffy to receive all your friends, even those who ring unexpectedly.

Table with built-in armchairs

Built-in garden furniture is also a good solution for furnishing a terrace and benefiting from a comfortable dining area. The armchairs here have the advantage of fitting completely under the table. Thus, after each lunch, it is possible to embed them to form a compact piece of furniture that will not take up much space. Armchairs are often equipped with cushions for cozy comfort.

What form of table

Round, square or rectangular… there is no definitive answer. It really depends on the configuration of the balcony and the style you want to infuse into your exterior. The rectangular table is undoubtedly the most comfortable and practical, but it is not the one that takes up the least space. On the contrary, the square table is undoubtedly the best choice to occupy the least space. Whatever its diameter, the round table, meanwhile, relies on conviviality for unforgettable moments of sharing in the open air.

What material ?

Choosing the right material is also an essential point when buying a balcony table. We tend to rush towards trendy models, but the ideal is to choose a table that will be able to accompany you for a long time while having a very aesthetic appearance. Deciphering the different materials, their advantages and disadvantages.


A wooden balcony table is a classic. Natural and warm, it appeals for the conviviality it immediately imposes on the terrace. Its natural spirit generates authenticity and character in an outdoor space. It is also a robust and resistant material which will however have to be maintained regularly. The choice of wood species is important, to ensure good resistance over time in the face of mould, in particular. Exotic woods like teak and acacia are recommended.


Metal is a must in the design of garden furniture. Among them steel, wrought iron, stainless steel, but above all aluminum which offers excellent performance and a very good quality / price ratio. An aluminum garden table will be resistant, light and does not fear humidity and therefore will not rust. It is also an easy-care material. On the design side, it offers many possibilities of finishes and colors and can be easily combined with other materials such as a glass top for example.

Braided resin

Trend for several years now, woven resin is a synthetic fiber that recalls the appearance of rattan or wicker. It is found in different shapes and colors for covering furniture and garden tables. It is appreciated for bringing an authentic or exotic setting to an exterior. Unafraid of ultraviolet rays or bad weather, it is an ideal material for furnishing a balcony.


Plastic is very common in outdoor furniture. Formerly somewhat decried for its aesthetic appearance, it has since reinvented itself and offers more modern shapes and various colors for a trendy decoration on the balcony. In PVC or polypropylene, plastic balcony tables are a good option thanks to their lightness and longevity.

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