Aug 9, 2022

Ireland’s company-formation requirements

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Incorporating a business in Ireland may be pretty exciting, but it can also be a frightening affair with costly repercussions for any errors made. Because of this, many individuals decide to hand over the task of forming their business to a company formation service, such as Register a company in Ireland (RACII).

Getting your business established within two to three working days after registering it in Ireland is possible. We need eight pieces of information from you before we can go forward with the creation of your Irish company formation before we can get started with your company formation.

  • The name of the company

Your Irish company formation must have a unique name that cannot be confused with any other business already established in Ireland. For the Companies Registration Office to approve the name you chose for your business, you must adhere to several standards (CRO).

  • Type of Business

In Ireland, the Private Company Limited by Shares is the most distinguished business entity (LTD). Please go here if you want more information on the many different types of companies that may be formed in Ireland.

  • Constitution

It is no longer necessary to have a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for a Private Limited Company (LTD) ever since the Companies Act of 2014 came into effect. Instead, a document known as The Constitution has been developed, giving corporations the freedom to engage in any lawful commercial activity of their choosing.

  • Address of the Registered Office

There is a need for every Irish company formation to have an official company address in the Republic of Ireland. If necessary, residents of the Republic of Ireland who are directors of companies may use their addresses. RACII can provide non-resident directors with the service of acting as their registered office. This solution is perfect for the directors of companies who do not have a physical presence in the nation where the business is located.

  • Directors of Corporations

Directors of a corporation are those individuals who are selected by the shareholders of the firm to manage the company on the owner’s behalf. Directors are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations. Forming at least one company director is necessary to operate a Limited Liability Company (LTD).

  • Shareholders

The shareholders are the company’s “owners,” in the most basic sense. Each shareholder is allotted a certain number of shares, the percentage of which corresponds to the shareholder’s overall ownership stake in the firm. A person must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to be a shareholder.

  • Secretary of the Company

Every business operating in Ireland is required by law to hire a company secretary accountable for overseeing the fulfilment of all of the firm’s statutory duties. This involves submitting the Annual Returns, keeping the company’s accounts up to date, and ensuring that all statutory responsibilities are satisfied.


Many Irish corporations have Directors who do not call Ireland their permanent home. If the business does not have a Director who is a resident of the EEA, the company must have a Non-EEA Directors Bond in place before it may be established.

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