Aug 24, 2023

Looking for a home remedy for constipation? Try these 10 natural remedies!

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All age groups are susceptible to the prevalent condition of constipation. Constipation can be uncomfortable and occasionally painful. Furthermore, gas and stomach pain are frequently associated with it. Constipation can have a wide range of possible reasons. 

There are a variety of available treatments. Easy lifestyle adjustments can ease constipation symptoms. People have relied on home remedies for centuries to treat and manage constipation. Constipation, however, may occasionally indicate a severe underlying problem. 

It’s common to experience embarrassment when discussing constipation. But consult a doctor at the MIOT Hospital Chennai through the Credihealth website if you face severe constipation. You can begin your treatment by trying a home remedy for constipation. In this blog, we have listed some of the best home remedies for constipation for your help.

10 home remedies for constipation

Home remedies are a natural way to treat any medical issue. They are the best primary treatment. We have listed the 10 best home remedies for constipation below,

  • Eat more fiber-

Constipation is thought to be best treated by consuming more dietary fiber. The quantity and regularity of your bowel motions increase with fiber ingestion. This is one of the best at-home treatments for constipation since it makes moving through your digestive system easier.

Try including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and other fiber-rich items. Furthermore, dietary fiber is one of the most crucial elements of a balanced diet. As toxins are removed from the body, it helps to balance blood sugar, decrease cholesterol, and enhance heart health.

By ensuring that food travels quickly and smoothly through the stomach, intestines, and excretory system, it also aids in digestion. There are two forms of dietary fiber. One is soluble, and the other is insoluble. Each has a unique mode of operation.

In water, soluble fiber decomposes into a thick, gel-like substance that helps alleviate constipation. It is one of the best treatments for constipation. This type of fiber draws water, increasing the volume of stools in the intestines and alleviating constipation.

  • Drink enough water-

This may potentially be among the most effortless home cures for constipation. Some studies have revealed that sparkling water is superior to plain tap water for relieving natural constipation. A poor diet can cause constipation. However, the issue is frequently more significant than food.

Constipation is a side effect of dehydration that also needs to be considered. In other words, for some people, staying hydrated is the best constipation remedy because it aids in the movement of waste and is essential for preventing constipation.

To attain and maintain the ideal level of hydration, it is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day; however, if constipation is a problem for you, it is advised that you drink at least 20 ounces of water before going to bed.

  • Try milk and clarified butter-

We have long-known milk, ghee, or clarified butter’s advantages. But they also work well as home treatments for constipation. Before retiring to bed, you can have 1 or 2 teaspoons of ghee in a hot cup of milk. These are among the most efficient and healthy methods for curing constipation.

Indeed, severe bodily dryness that results in a lack of lubricant in the colon causes constipation. Consuming milk and ghee can give the intestinal muscles the lubricant they need to facilitate stool passage.

  • Drink lemon water-

Citric acid, present in lemon juice, can stimulate your digestive system and assist in removing toxins from your body. It is highly beneficial and relieves constipation naturally.

Add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of water every morning. Also, an excellent home remedy for constipation that may even aid digestion over the long run is to add lemon to your tea. Natural detoxifiers include lemon water. 

Citric acid, which is present in it, aids in metabolism, the process through which the body converts food into energy. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which induces intestinal contractions that facilitate simple bowel motions.

  • Have your favorite coffee-

Picking up your preferred hot cup of coffee could provide you with at-home constipation relief right away. It might energize your intestines and hasten your bathroom visit. Coffee helps you eliminate intestinal fats by breaking down the fats there. 

Moreover, coffee encourages fluid production in the colon, which softens stool and relieves constipation.

  • Ginger-

Ginger is a well-known herb that raises your body’s internal temperature. Your ginger tea’s hot water aids digestion stimulation and immediately relieves constipation.

Ginger includes oils that increase your gut’s motility. After drinking ginger tea, you can start feeling the laxative effects within 15 to 20 minutes. It may work wonders to relieve constipation right away.

  • Increase your magnesium intake-

A magnesium shortage may cause constipation. Magnesium is a mineral that primarily aids your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Also, it maintains the proper operation of our heart, muscles, and nerves. 

Magnesium is conveniently present in many foods around you, such as fish, whole grains, nuts, beans, and green leafy vegetables. It is advised to take supplements if you cannot get enough magnesium through diet alone.

Due to its soft nature on the stomach and lack of side effects like gas or cramps, magnesium citrate is a fantastic option.

  • Focus on healthy fats-

Healthy fats are essential for many fundamental bodily processes. They also aid in lubricating the bowels and provide natural relief from constipation. You can add almonds, olive oil, and avocados to your diet as natural home treatments for constipation.

In reality, one of the best laxatives is fat, which is a suitable response to your query on how to treat constipation. Good fats, primarily those found in fish and avocados, aid in the body’s waste removal.

  • Consume ripe bananas-

The best and most effective home remedy for constipation is ripe bananas. They are a reliable source of fiber and have a reputation for facilitating better digestion. Bananas also encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

In actuality, bananas’ potassium concentration is thought to help with constipation. Bananas are a dietary fiber-rich food, according to research. There is a significant amount of dietary fiber in the soft, pulpy part of the fruit, often known as roughage. 

Food and waste items can pass quickly and swiftly through the bowels with roughage.

  • Exercise regularly-

Most individuals frequently overlook the value of routine exercise when considering home treatments for constipation. Physical activity is known to speed up the passage of food through the intestines. Walking or running may, therefore, stimulate the muscles in the colon and intestines.

Making this a regular part of your routine could be a cost-free and efficient home remedy for constipation. Exercising improves your abdominal muscles’ strength and helps you evacuate your bowels more frequently.

The abdominal muscles aid in bowel movement. Frequent exercise makes the abdominal muscles stronger and speeds up bowel movements!


Constipation is a frequent but uncomfortable condition that can make daily activities difficult. Although some people find constipation amusing, you can successfully treat this condition using these natural home remedies. Start your treatment with one home remedy for constipation and monitor the outcome.

Book a consultation with a doctor at the MIOT Hospital Chennai through the Credihealth website if these therapies don’t help or if you discover that you have chronic constipation. They might suggest a change in diet or medicine, among other remedies. Another underlying medical problem can occasionally cause chronic constipation. You can determine the cause and receive treatment from your doctor.

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