Sep 20, 2022

Make a Move To Earn Web3 app like STEPN – STEPN Clone

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Axie Infinity games encourage people in the blockchain industry to play to earn. STEPN makes movement data aggregation a new norm in blockchain games in these situations. This makes it easier for people to stay active despite busy jobs. Users can walk, jog, or run outside with non-fungible tokens, which work like shoes.

You might wonder why all of this bothers me so much. STEPN Clone is a ready-to-use solution that lets companies build a Web3 lifestyle app almost identical to the original STEPN app.

Users who play P2E games only get the best rewards, while M2E games give players rewards for doing physical things like walking, running, dancing, and more.

If you are a Fit Person who likes to run or do other sports, you should check out these upcoming M2E games.


STEPN Clone Script is a move-to-earn (M2E) web3 fitness lifestyle app with fun gaming elements, social-fi features, and features that let you make an M2E app like STEPN.

Users of the STEPN Clone App who want to walk, jog, or run outside must buy NFT shoes. Players can get game coins as a reward. These coins can be used to improve and make new Sneakers.

How Can We Make Money With Our App Like STEPN?

Users can make money by actively speaking and using STEPN clone software features like Solo, Marathon, and background mode. To start making money, you will need shoes, but new users will get a free trial.

How do you use the STEPN app?


Users must first download the STEPN app to get started.

To sign up for STEPN, they must use their email address. After going through the verification process, users must link their wallets to be able to use the stepn money.

Users must pay for their STEPN in-app wallet with Solana’s native SOL token.

Users can choose from options like comfort, quiet, and efficiency. The GST is the game’s utility token, and there will always be more of it. The GMT is the stepn ecosystem’s governance token.

Why did you make a Move-to-Earn app like the STEPN app?

A STEPN app might help its users move forward in their businesses by getting them to do things like trading, minting, etc. Startups and big businesses can use STEPN clone apps to build and launch their own M2E apps similar to STEPN. These apps follow the move-to-earn trend, encouraging users to do physical activities in exchange for more rewards. This type of app has a lot of users because it encourages people to be active. Join the trip and start traveling right away.

Pros of the STEPN Clone App

The Mechanism of Fire

Because there aren’t many GMT and GST tokens, they need a burn mechanism to stay alive. This strategy lowers the need for GMT and GST tokens by changing how they are used in the app.

Dual Tokens Model

The STEPN ecosystem is built on a dual-token economy model because it needs to be able to raise money and be useful. Users can use the following tokens in different ways to win prizes:

The Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

Green Satoshi Token (GST)

Distributed Wallet

The game has a decentralized wallet that can hold two types of assets and currencies.


Users can sell or buy NFT Sneakers, badges, and gems in this market.


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