Nov 30, 2022

Making Homes Fire Retardant in Three Simple Steps

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We can’t truly predict mishaps, though. Taking precautions ahead of time is, therefore, always a good idea. A lot of people lose their lives to fire every year, which is a hazardous and frequent tragedy. The safest location for us to reside is at home. Nevertheless, a small spark might quickly damage it, starting a fire in your house that could be fatal.

There is no question that a fire-resistant home is safer than one that isn’t. You may safeguard your house against fire in a variety of ways. Here are three simple actions you can do to make your home fire-resistant, which could help you and your loved ones avoid a tragic death.

3 steps to make your house fire safe

   1. Start using  plywood infused with Firewall Technology

Due to its lower flammability, the risk of fire and sparks is decreased when using fire-retardant plywood. One of the most reliable fire retardant plywood comes from the house of CenturyPly. The plywood offered by CenturyPly comes with Firewall technology, which is short, ensuring that these plywood are fire resistant.

Firewall consists of nanotechnology-based particles that have decreased flammability. In order to reduce the likelihood of a fire in your house, it underwent flame treatment.

So, when you use Fire resistant plywood at home, you be rest assured that your home will be protected from fire to some extent. The main reason behind this is that the firewall technology delays the combustion process and allows you significant time to make way to safety.

Fire resistant plywood can be used in homes, and workplaces. Use CenturyPly plywood induced with firewall technology to protect your loved one and your belongings.

   2. Consider buying a fire extinguisher

In order to make the place fire resistant, fire extinguishers have already been put at a number of commercial places. Why not houses? When it comes to making your home fire-resistant, we should think of a fire extinguisher as the top priority item.

   3. Install a fire alarm in your house

Fire alarms can help you avoid a dangerous fire at your place. It detects the smoke and warns you before a fire gets out of control. In the same way, fire extinguishers are popular; fire alarms are also quite popular and effective. In the case of a fire inside your home, fire alarms give you an early warning to avoid any mishap.

Use plywood induced with Firewall Technology for the best results

By using CenturyPly plywood induced with Firewall technology you can protect your property and reduce the likelihood that embers and flames will be able to totally consume it.

Using these plywood will delay the combustion process and help you to take necessary actions before everything turns into ashes.


Since you learned how three simple steps could prevent fires and save lives, this way, your home can be more fireproof. You can take precautions to construct your new home with fire-resistant materials. Reduce fire sources in your house to help protect it from internal fires if you want to make your current home more fireproof.

Also, if you are thinking about looks, you don’t have to compromise elegance when building a fire-resistant home. This is applicable to every element of your home’s exterior or interior. If you select the right materials, your home will look more aesthetic even with the CenturyPly fire-retardant plywood.



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