Aug 5, 2022

Moral and Ethical Issues in Science and Technology

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Moral and Ethical Issues in Science and Technology


Individuals and associations use technology to enhance their daily operations, be it business, literacy, construction, or remedial conditioning.

Nuclear technology, biotechnology, and information technology( IT) are the major technological inventions raising ethical and moral issues. The major ethical or moral issues in technology include ethical dilemmas, health issues, job relegation, and gender.

Ethical issues in technology

Ethical dilemmas arise when there are contending goods and competing immoralities. Regarding IT, the sharing of private information within an association raises the question of whether the action is moral or immoral. 

Companies can collect information about individuals using computer programmes and, indeed, use the information for their benefit without regard to morality. Contact us to know more or else have something to share with us then write in the category Tech Write For Us and share with us at 

Information systems enable people to manipulate records within a short period, therefore raising questions about whether the information is genuine or vague. Likewise, biotechnology raises some moral issues. 

It’s difficult to justify the use of living organisms during exploration and other technological discoveries. For example, vitro fertilisation enables women who aren’t in a position to have their children to suffer through the process. Religious groups are opposed to similar practises because their beliefs don’t agree with them.

The ethical implications for people’s health

The uses of technology have the capability of making numerous innocent people suffer, and this is a moral concern. An illustration of a similar issue can be the fact that nuclear technology has the eventuality of killing numerous people and, accordingly, destroying the terrain. This issue raises some health problems.

People affected by nuclear emissions, similar to those witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are supposed to be genetically impaired. Similar goods may have an impact on future generations of affected individuals.

The use of computers also raises health issues. Indeed, though machines make our work more comfortable, it’s apparent that prolonged use of computers results in repetitive stress injuries.

Technology and moral values Gender discrimination

Women are, in most cases, discriminated against in colourful ways due to the advancement in technology. For example, in manufacturing systems, men are considered to be more productive than women.

Numerous technological inventions were and still are discovered by men who, in turn, design the systems in favour of their gender, therefore affecting the issue of gender equivalency.

Ethical dilemmas, health issues, job displacement, and gender are the situations that require ethical guidance through the analysis and operation of ethical principles.

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