Jun 21, 2021

Overnight Night Desert Safari – An Ideal Night out in Dubai

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Dubai keeps the world’s most exotic tourist destinations. One of the golden assets of Emirates is desert safari Dubai which is preserved as its conservation reserve. We headed out to this heritage land during our venture in Dubai. Being adventurists, we grabbed an overnight itinerary offered by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. If you are going to visit the phenomenal desert soon, stay here to know what it has to offer in the twilight of the night.

What a Night Out in the Arabian Desert Has to Offer?

  1.   Dune Bashing in Thrilling SUVs

Dune bashing is a famous terrain sport for which we all were super excited. Our adventure at the terrain began when the operator from Happy Adventure Tourism accompanied us in a Nissan Patrol for dune bashing or desert safari in Dubai on high red dunes. The jeeps, dune buggies, land cruisers, and hummers are the carriers that take the adrenaline junkies across the high red dunes. Hitting the sandy slopes with heightened adrenaline is like a sandy roller coaster ride. We had 15 minutes of crazy dune bashing after which, we headed to other terrain activities.

  1.   Camel Safari

A camel ride is a great way of travelling back in time. Plus a camel safari during the twilight is a serene wandering for people who are explorers by nature. We in our camel safari were following the lead of the Bedouin who was telling the epic Arabian stories as well.

  1.   BBQ Dinner

The succulent BBQ dinner characterizes the great hospitality of the hosts. When we were finally back to our campsites after crazy sand sports, team Happy Adventures Tourism escorted us to the buffet. The opulent meal at the buffet included charcoal roasted meat, veggies, and Arabian & international cuisines as well. Having dinner in a desert safari leaves a taste of Arabian hospitality to remember for a long time. The best thing about the BBQ buffet dinner, the vegan section is organized inside the camp and the live BBQ setup is organized outside the camp

  1.   Festivity of the Nightfall

The nights of the Arabian Desert are famous for live entertainment. There are belly dancers who fascinate the audience with their belly moves. The mystic Tanoura dance is depicted by the dervishes in beautiful spinning action. The whole arena lightens up when the stunning artists juggle with fire in the fire show. We enjoyed this great festivity while having shisha at our seats, provided by the hosts of team Happy Adventures Tourism.

  1.   Camping at the Nomadic Land

As the sun goes down, the beauty of pristine night captivates the whole desert in strange occult. A night stay in the desert camps is always epic for adventure freaks. As they get a chance to talk to the galaxies when the dunes asleep. The silence of the air portrays serenity which a night stalker admires wholeheartedly. The camp will be designed in a manner that will give you a feel of pure Arabic culture. 

Once you’re settled down in the camp you will be provided free tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks as a starter. After some time the live entertainment performance will be started by the amazing international artists. In the performance, 2 belly dances, 2 Tanoura dances and 1 thrilling fire show are included. In the middle of the show, the BBQ buffet dinner will be started which features amazing veg and non-veg dishes. Which allows you to enjoy the buffet dinner and live shows at the same time.

  1. Private Tents & Sleeping Bags

To ensure your comfortable sleep, you will be provided private sleeping tents and bags. So you could enjoy sleeping under the blankets or stars in the Arabian desert. Next morning you will be provided a scrumptious breakfast with tea/coffee. As well as you can enjoy the gorgeous sunrise view. Then you will be dropped safely to your place. Where you will be picked.


While you are planning an epic venture to the Arabian dunes, it is important to approach a trustworthy travel partner. Like we did by booking our trip through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Productive research would lead you to the right itinerary to pick according to your availability in Dubai.

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