Aug 24, 2020

Protect Your Online Data And Website With Managed R1Soft Backup Server

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If you are running an online business or website, you deal with a large amount of data every day to manage your activities. When so much data and information are being handled online then the security of your data should be one of your topmost concerns. Companies that depend upon their data should not overlook data security and backup that can protect everything in case of a server breach, malware attacks, hacking, drive failures, or even ransomware situation.

When data loss is the biggest risk for your company, your business should be equipped with a robust, flexible, and efficient backup solution to protect your business against unforeseen data loss. It helps you in restoring your data in case of any data breach or loss so that your business won’t get affected by such incidents. When it comes to data protection, you will find many types of backup solutions for different server plans. In this post, we will talk about managed R1Soft Backup Server and its features.

R1Soft backup solution is a fully automated and cost-effective solution for companies with the best of the technologies and data encryption features. The fully managed R1Soft Backup Server comes with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology Service that also keeps up with your server speed so that the performance of your server will not be affected. It supports both virtual and physical servers on Windows and Linux along with cross support options.

Features of Managed R1Soft Backup Server

  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption
  • Fast raid-6 disk arrays for block-level backups so that your data doesn’t get corrupted
  • Quick backups and restoration to recover large files or entire server
  • Data retention
  • Centralized web-based administration
  • User-friendly cPanel Integration
  • Advanced MySQL and MSSQL Support

A managed R1Soft backup server is a reliable option for a variety of data protection needs that offers unmatched speed, scalability, flexibility, and multi-platform support. If you are looking to purchase the R1Soft Backup server, you will find different customized & continuous data protection backup plans for different server requirements at affordable costs. You can also choose from many enterprise-grade dedicated R1Soft backup servers for your data protection solution. You will find different bandwidth limits with different storage plans to manage your data servers.

When looking to purchase Managed R1Soft Backup Server, always look for areputed and professional partner for a complete security solution. Look for a partner who has all the experience and expertise to help you set up your backup server with wide support and services for emergency solutions. A professional R1Soft Backup Server partner will also help you find the right backup plan based on your business size and data handling every day. You can check for the online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to find the best managed R1Soft backup server partner for your needs.

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