Aug 31, 2021

Take the health benefits with Sambucol.

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Sambucol! Have you heard about this name? It’s a berry that comes from a Black elder tree. This berry has medical uses, and it has various names such as Bounty, Fruit de bureau, Sus, Sauco, and many more. This is used to treat many issues. It also has its use as an herbal supplement.

Abaco Health, a natural health food store, offers many products under this category. This is a family-owned company located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Steven and Shauna Jones in 2005 opened the store. The goal of this company is to spread natural side effects-free products.

The company provides natural products such as hair care products, supplements, vitamins and minerals, skin care products, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, products for kids, and many more. All the products are made with only 100% natural raw material. The raw material and other herbs are coming from trustworthy local manufacturing units.

The store brings Sambucol to you in various forms. The sambucol Lozenges 20 count product tablets act as a powerful antioxidant in the body. It may be used to protect the body cells and stimulate the immune system. This product is suitable for your whole family since the intake amount is different for every age group.

Sambucol Antiviral Flu product is specially made to reduce the illness symptoms. It provides you multi-symptom relief with various health issues like fever, headache, cough, fatigue, pain, body aches, and sore throat. This supplement can be taken by people who are above two years.

We are more concerned if we want to buy any product for our kids and we always choose gentle products for them. Sambucol Kids Cold & Flu 24 Chewable Tablets are specially made for kids to prevent infections. It helps boost their immune system. It also reduces the symptoms of fever, cold & flu, and sore throat. Since children do not like bitter medicines and syrups, they will enjoy these tasty chewable tablets.

Other than these, the company provides one more product: Sambucol Cold & Flu Nasal Relief 30 tabs. This product is a homeopathic remedy helpful in relieving sinus congestion, flu nasal, fever, runny nose, sneezing, and chills. All the products have no artificial colors, flavors, and gluten. Only the pure Black Elderberry extract and other beneficial ingredients like vitamin C, zinc is included in all the products.

The store is also available on an online platform. You can buy any of their products from its website. Its owners felt that their company was showing excellent feedback, so they made a website by the store’s name. Thousands of happy customers have connected to this company.

In present times, the store is rising even more than the expectations. All its customers feel happy while shopping from this platform. Customer satisfaction is the main reason for its growth.

This company has associated with many popular buy trustworthy brands. These brands are like Aeryon Wellness, Cold-FX, Decode For Men, A Vogel, Abundance Naturally, Eco Nuts, Garden Of Life, Advantage Health Matters, Mabu Natural Products, Joy Of The Mountains, and many more. It has brands almost on all the alphabets.

You can easily find any product from the website. Enjoy the hassle-free shopping experience and make you feel satisfied.



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