Jul 30, 2022

The Best Kids’ Toothpaste for Cavities: Tips and Recommended Products

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Next to having a baby, his (or her) smile is usually the best part of being a parent. New and first-time parents often go to great lengths to find the best-suited product for their little ones, and they usually succeed too. With regards to growing children and their dental care needs, opting for the best toothpaste for cavities control plays an important role.

A toothpaste often is the missing link in a child’s improving concern for his dental care schedule. It should thus be chosen with a lot of caution and thoughtfulness because opting for a poor-quality or chemically enriched toothpaste could do more harm than good and affect his oral care routine quite badly.

How to shortlist the best kids’ toothpaste for cavities control?

A toothpaste meant for adults is quite different from those used for young children. The former may go with a gel-based and fluoride-rich toothpaste to take care of their dental needs, or they may even go ahead with just about any toothpaste they feel like in a store. The situation is not so straightforward with kids though.

Children have softer gums and their soft teeth are primarily made of milk. These teeth have a very weak enamel coating, making them prone to further damage that may arise from using chemically-enriched dental care products.

Here are some steps you should note while selecting the best kids’ toothpaste for cavities control:

  1. Check its ingredients (are they safe and gentle?)
  2. Check for its certifications
  3. Is the toothpaste safe if swallowed?
  4. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for kids over three years 
  5. Check its fluoride content
  6. Check the flavors available 
  7. Check for its availability and cost-effectiveness

You should also advise your child to brush his teeth twice a day. This would help keep the cavities away and help him enjoy a better dental care experience at home. We also recommend that you check for its ingredients too- the presence of harmful chemicals and toxins like sulfates and mineral oils would make the toothpaste dangerous if swallowed.

Which is the best kids’ toothpaste for cavity control?

Given the above requirements, we advise opting for Mamaearth’s baby care products. It is Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe and it offers a wide range of FDA-approved skin care and body care products in the UAE. Its baby care products are also made of safe, gentle, and toxin-free ingredients, and come certified by Dubai Municipality.

You may opt for the following toothpastes:


  • 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kid


If you want to buy the best toothpaste for cavities reduction, you should go with this Mamaearth product. It promotes healthier teeth and gums by cleansing them of impurities. Its regular use (twice a day is recommended) would help you see the best results for your child’s dental care routine. 

This toothpaste features Aloe Barbadensis, Xylitol, and Stevia that help keep down dental infections and cavities. They also help ease the process of new teeth formation in the kids and keep them away from irritation. The addition of Xylitol, a natural sweetener, helps keep the pH neutral and prevents the buildup of germs in the mouth.


  • Sulfate Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste For Kids With Fluoride


Mamaearth UAE’s Sulfate Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste For Kids With Fluoride helps cleanse the teeth and keep the gums healthier. It features fluoride, aloe vera, and Xylitol, making the kids’ teeth more resistant to bacterial infections and keeping the mouth’s pH neutral. 

This toothpaste also features a natural orange flavor that makes the toothpaste a bit tastier for kids. It is also safe if swallowed because it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins like sulfates or parabens. Its regular use would help you provide the best dental experience to your kids.

 Keeping the kids away from sugar and chocolate would not help!

It does not serve to keep young children from eating sweets or chocolates because they love eating such things. Keeping them away (or trying to do so) would only cause more issues than one could think. It could make the kids feel anxious or irritated, making them crave more sweets. 

We thus recommend opting for these two kids’ toothpaste. They rank among the top 5 online kids’ toothpaste in the UAE and are known for their amazing dental care benefits. We also recommend that you inculcate the habit of positive dental care in your children from a young age. 

Choosing toxin-free skincare and hair care products for your children is just as important. Mamaearth UAE offers a wide range of these products for young children, and we welcome you to explore the range online by downloading Mamaearth’s app for your Android smartphone or iPhone. You may also avail exciting marketing promotions and combo offers for regular use from here. 

Baby soaps your kid would love!

Mamaearth UAE also offers baby soaps for your young children. The baby soaps are made of safe and gentle ingredients and do not contain harmful ingredients like sulfates or parabens. In addition, these soaps keep the skin’s pH at 5.5 and are thus safe for daily use.

You may opt for its Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap For Kids. It is made using goat milk, glycerin, coconut oil, and fruit extracts that offer a hypoallergenic experience. It is available in five different fragrances- Mango Bite, Strawberry Souffle, Apple Sorbet, Orange Bar, and Blueberry Blush, and you may avail of a combo pack for the best results.

Summing up!

Children seem to thrive on foods you might not prefer to eat a lot as a grown-up and responsible person. However, this is no excuse for letting your guard down and negatively affecting your children’s dental care routine. You can always maintain a better way of encouraging a schedule of caring for your children’s dental care in a positive way.

Opting for good-quality toothpastes certainly helps a great deal and kids with positive dental habits grow into responsible adults who know what they should eat. We thus recommend you encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. Lastly, we recommend visiting a dentist for your and your children’s dental care routine every six months. This would help you diagnose any underlying issues at an early stage. 

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