Jan 13, 2021

The Experts’ Recommendations on Shoes for Children

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As parents, you feel so proud and excited when your kid takes his first step. You wait for long to experience this beautiful day and capture it to cherish forever. The first walk of your child means he has entered a new phase where he is trying to be independent and carry himself on his soft and tendon feet. As your kid takes a step to change his life, you should too contribute to his effort by giving him the best shoes.

Unlike shoe shopping for adults, finding one for children is very difficult. You cannot pick one based on the design and colour; you should also consider other factors like comfort and age.

There is nothing specifically defined about the children’s shoes, but the experts have explained a few points and recommendations that are very helpful for parents. In this blog, we have discussed the thoughts shared by the experts.

Foot structure of the children 

Whether you know it or not, a foot comprises 26 bones that support the entire body, adapt to uneven surfaces, and absorb shock with step. But, the structure of the baby foot is a bit different because it consists of more cartilage than bone. You might find fully-developed feet of your child by 2 years of age, but actually, the bones are not developed properly and get harden until 18 years of age.

Other than bones, the arch will usually not be visible or developed for the first 2 years. The arch area of the foot will look flat. So, the shoes that you select should offer natural arch support for perfect balance while walking.

The general recommendations given by experts 

  • Get lightweight and flexible shoes to support natural foot movement with support stability
  • Look for shoes with sturdy comfy Genuine Leather shoes for Baby or mesh to allow feet to breathe comfortably
  • Get shoes with rubber soles to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Avoid stiff and compressive footwear as they cause deformity, weakness, and loss of mobility
  • Look for shoes with good shock absorption with durable shoes to help your children participate in high impact activities.

The age-wise recommendations given by experts 

Along with general recommendations, the experts have even defined the things for children of different years. Things change and the quality of footwear changes in different years and you should be very particular about the same.

For new-borns and infants – At this age, kids start crawling and they do not need shoes. You can get booties or pre-walking shoes that will not bind their feet and keep them warm and protected. The shoes should be flexible and not rigid. The shape of the shoes matters a lot at this age.

For toddlers– Toddlers mean between 12 months and 36 months. At this age, kids use a lot of energy in walking so the shoes you select should give rigid support. Shoes should be with sturdy comfy genuine leather for baby as it is more secure. The leather shoes will stay on foot and the fit will be perfect.

For school-going children– School-going children are high on physical activities so you should select shoes with the main function of shock absorption and protection. You should look for flexible and well-ventilated shoes that allow plenty of room for growth and prevent any injury.

Considering these recommendations given by experts, we are sure you will find the best shoes for your children.

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