Dec 5, 2020

Trends To Follow For Designing Your Custom Business Cards

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Your business card is your professional introduction before your clients and customers so it should be distinctive to leave a strong impression. Traditionally, it used to be a rectangular structured hard paper with name and designation written on it but today it is nothing of that sort. With the advancement in technology and printing industry, everything has changed. There are no more those old-fashioned business cards prevailing in the market.

With the modern world, even the taste of both company and individual has changed a lot and they love to stand out of the league. Keeping this in mind, they are fond of Custom Business Cards in New York rather than depending on the already defined prints. They are not ready to accept them as they are common for most of the companies.  

Going further, if you are also planning to customize your business card, you must design it as per the latest trend. In case your creativity for designing the card is out-dated, it will be of no use. So, to make your planning and investment worth, we have mentioned some trends that you should follow:

  • Keep it simple

The first point to consider is that your card should be simple with all the important information. The design of the card should never empower your content and it should be clear to readers with just one glance. You can use classic white as the color for your card.

  • Use big typeface

Traditionally, using big and bold typeface was considered bad exaggerated but today it is trending in the business cards. The typeface with a single colour in the background gives a unique and attracts the interest of the people.

  • Use the flip side of the card

The flip side of the card should not be left blank. You should not mention the important information on the other side as readers will not always turn the same. The backspace should be filled with colour and logo of the brand. It will look trendy.

  • Try different shapes and sizes for business card

The widely defined shape for the business cards is a rectangle but you should not restrict yourself with it. As per today’s trend, you should try different shapes and sizes for customizing your business cards. But remember, the size of the card should not exceed the default pocket and wallet size.

  • Include photos in the card

The custom business cards with just written content are boring for the readers and they rarely give their attention on the same. To fix the interest of the readers on your business card, you should include photos. The photo should either be yours or something related to the company. Sometimes, the picture speaks more than the details.

These are a few trends that will bring wonders in your custom business cards and we hope you will follow these for the desired result. Along with these points, you must associate with the right printing company for the quality printing of the cards.

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