Sep 17, 2022

Which is the best home business opportunity in the US?

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Are you looking to start a new business and want to do so from the comfort of your home? Do you wish to have complete control over how things are managed, and the business is run but still manage to make a good profit? Do you find yourself to be responsible enough to take over responsibility and ace the task at hand? Then this might prove to be a golden opportunity for you!


If you happen to be someone with the slightest bit of knowledge about window glass cleaning, repair and management, you are bound to have come across the name Window Medics. One of the leading brands in the field. What you might not be aware of is the fact that Window Medics provides one with the best home business opportunities.


Window Medics started providing the people with its services back in 2004 and ever since has strived to provide its clients with only the very best kind of service, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.


Window Medics now looks forward to expanding the business in order to serve more people who might be in need of its services. So, if you think you have what it takes to shoulder the responsibility, as well as learn and grow in due time, this is your shot at earning all year round, on your own terms in due time, all with a minimum investment.


Window Medics franchise in the US


Window Medics has, over the years, established itself as the leader when it comes to solutions related to window glass installation, replacement and repair. Besides this, the company has a patented defogging process that has been hugely helpful to clients and helped them save a lot of expenses by extending the life of their window glass by years. The loyal clientele, the reputation of the company and the high quality of services provided to cater to people’s requirements make Windows Medics one of the best and most trusted brands in the market.


The franchise opportunity offered by it also happens to be excellent, for the franchisee is provided with the required support, training and aid from the company’s side, as necessary.

All you have to do is decide upon getting the franchise and keep learning and growing, for one gets enough space and opportunities to be innovative and creative in their approach as they progress.


Why choose a Window Medics franchise?

Becoming a franchisee has various benefits, some of which include:


  1. High ROI
  2. Established reputation  of the brand
  3. Ease in building a clientele
  4. Earning from day 1
  5. Clear standards to meet
  6. Support from the company
  7. Space for growth and learning
  8. Availability of training
  9. Space for creativity and innovation
  10. Year-round income opportunity
  11. Autonomy of things
  12. Can work from the comfort of home
  13. No experience is required


Why choose Window Medics?

There are various benefits you gain when you choose to work with Window Medics.

  • Over the course of two days, you receive the proper instruction from professionals.
  • You are instructed in the fundamentals of managing a website and operating a business.
  • Additionally, Window Medics offers the dealer a starter kit.
  • You need no prior experience when starting up the business.
  • All that you require is a minimal investment, determination, and an open mind.
  • Window Medics also provide you with ample scope for expansion and innovation.
  • You get to have space for growth besides enjoying complete autonomy over the business.
  • In the event that direction is required, there is always a group of knowledgeable people available to provide assistance.
  • Should you be competitive and promising enough, specific training can also be provided to help you grow further.

You get to have all of these supporting factors when you choose to start up. The Window Medics franchise is amongst the best home business opportunities. Besides being amongst the cheapest, the initial investment is $35,000, followed by which you can get your license and continue with your business.

When you get your franchise, the total setup, including a 2-day training program, can take anywhere from three to four weeks. As soon as that happens, you can open for business and begin making money immediately.

Reasons to invest in this field.

Window Medics happens to be a leader in the field of window glass restoration, installation, and repair industry. The field is growing by the day, for not only commercial but also residential buildings have glass as an integral part of the structure, for both the functionality associated with it and the aesthetic appearance. Of these, the double and triple paned glass is most commonly used; thus, the various services associated with its installation, repair and maintenance are always in demand, thus guaranteeing that year-round, the business is booming.

Window Medics offers a patented defogging process. The process is exclusive to the company and allows the services provided by you to be exclusive, which leads to the formation of a clientele based on the quality of work. You get to be privy to various business secrets and coveted processes.

What services can a franchise of Window Medics provide?

The services provided include:

  • Window glass installations
  • Window glass remodelling
  • Window glass repair
  • Window glass restoration
  • Window glass maintenance
  • Defogging
  • 24 hr services associated with services mentioned above
  • Emergency service associated with installation, repair and more

Want to grab this opportunity?

Start advancing your career to become the prosperous business-person you desire to be. Contact Window Medics by calling (toll-free) 888-329-7116 or sending an email to


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“Own a franchise”- this is one of the highly used phrases among successful business people for aspiring entrepreneurs. And, it is rightfully one of the popular ones. Franchising is not a new concept in the world but has gained ground in the past decade because of the emergence of many large enterprises.

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